Sugar Showdown Results!

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The Sisterhood of Shred had an amazing weekend at the Sugar Showdown Seattle, presented by Diamondback. Here are some rad stats and results.


  • 45 ladies in the class
  • 48 in the comp
  • 4 volunteer coaches
  • 10 coaches

Age range: 12-50


  • US representation: New York, Maine, Minnesota, Illinois, Texas, Cali, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Montana.
  • Canadian representation: Whistler, Victoria, Vancouver, Prince George in BC, plus Calgary Alberta.

Enthusiastic spectators that were flashing the ladies and cheering both on their way down the course and as the competitors walked back up the course! Go PNW hecklers!

Awesome Sponsor: Diamondback Bikes, Trips for Kids Seattle, The Melvin Family, Dakine, G-Form, Gregg’s Cycles, Kirkland Bicycle, Woodinville Bicycle, Deity, Lumberyard, LFDJ, Platypus, VP Components, Ryders Eyeware, Sombrio, Ride SFO, DH Betty Jewelry, Bicycles West, Chateau Saint Michelle


  • 1st Place – Katie Sinfield, Kirkland Bicycle


  • 1st Place – Olivia Shafer
  • 2nd Place – Trish Griffen
  • 3rd Place – Linnea Rooke
  • 4th Place – Michelle Emmons, Dirt Dojo
  • 5th Place – Andrea Cunningham
  • 6th Place – Zion Schlund
  • 7th Place – Katy Pranian, Sorella Forte
  • 8th Place – Natalie Young
  • 9th Place – Andrea Johnson


  • 1st Place – Emily Sabelhaus, MuddBunnies
  • 2nd Place – Hailey Starr
  • 3rd Place Tie
  •       Deanne Lazaruk, IMBA Canada
  •       Danielle Klinkhamer
  • 5th Place – Carmen Halle
  • 6th Place – Lindsey Jacobsen


  • 1st Place – Pam Reid, Trek Dirt Series
  • 2nd Place – Heather Newton, sponsored by her husband for babysitting
  • 3rd Place – Lynn Peterson, Penncycle
  • 4th Place – Rachel DeLateur, GL6
  • 5th Place – Christi Jenc, photographer Ben Broten


  • 1st Place – Terry Seeberg, SuperCo
  • 2nd Place – Cheryl Parker
  • 3rd Place – Katherine Rogers
  • 4th Place – Ivy Lui
  • 5th Place – Rachel Robinson, Jeff Krisup Enterprises

SUGAR CUBES – (ages 10-15)

  • 1st Place – Heather Macmillan
  • 2nd Place – Kaytlin Melvin, Sweetlines Jr Team
  • 3rd Place – Ketelyn Praly, Equine Cranio Workshops, Fox Racing


  • 1st Place – Meg Valliant, Ride IMG_5233SFO, Sweetlines
  • 2nd Place – Caryn Cantu, Sweetlines
  • 3rd Place – Christin Von Dine
  • 4th Place – Elinor Wesner, Shimano, Cole, Fly Racing


  • 1st Place – Tammy Donahugh, Deity, Sombrio, SuperCo, Kate’s Bars, IXS, Native, Spank
  • 2nd Place – Katie Heinsen, Sweetlines Jr Team, Deity
  • 3rd Place – Lisa Mason, Women’s Freeride Movement, Summit Sports
  • 4th Place – Stephanie Nychka
  • 5th Place – Wendy Palmer, Moab Mountain Bike Instruction, Chile Pepper Bike Shop
  • 6th Place – Michelle Benson, Deity, Fanatik Bike Co
  • 7th Place – Carolyn Kavenaugh, Banshee Bikes, Women’s Freeride Movement
  • 8th Place – Shelby Reiley, Lumberyard
  • 9th Place – Whitney Thompson, SuperCo
  • 10th Place – Cortney Knudson, POC, Electric, Five Ten
  • 11th Place – Angi Weston, Kona Bikes
  • 12th Place – Chelsey Stevens, The Bike Hub, Evil Bikes, Loeka Clothing, Gamut, Spy, Sockguy, GoPro, Crankbrothers, Triflow, Leatt, Sun Ringle, Azonic, Royal Clothing, Fox Suspension, Maxxis
  • 13th Place – Adrian Hopkins, Maxxis, GHY Bikes

Prize Purse: $700

  • 1st $300
  • 2nd $200
  • 3rd $100
  • 4th $50
  • 5th $50

Special Awards

  • Most Improved: Zion Schlund
  • Most Supportive: Angi Weston
  • Best Amplitude: Lisa Mason
  • Best Trick: Tammy Donahugh with a Tam-boggin and a Suicide No-Hander
  • Best Creativity: Tammy Donahugh
  • Most Volunteer Hours: Meg Valliant

Photo Link:

Woodinville Bicycle Photo Link

Thanks to our coaches:

Tammy Donahugh, Stephanie Nychka, Jill Kintner, Angi Weston, Lindsey Voreis, Wendy Palmer, Cortney Knudson, Chelsey Henry, Karen O’Connell. Plus assistant coaches: Meg Valliant, Shelby Reiley, Erika Ummerika, Lisa Mason, Elinor Wesner.

Thanks to our behind the scenes crew:

  • Trail Crew: Beriah, Mason Prendergast, Jacob Carmichael, Kelly Melvin, Jack Anderson, Luccas Mccay
  • Judges: AJ Johnson, Jason Gibb, Jon Steinbis, Mason Prendergast, Jacob Carmichael, Lindsey Voreis
  • Artist: Tracy Curley
  • Writer: Angela Sucich
  • Photographers: Pete from Woodinville Bicycle, Lee Mutoli, and Carl Buchanan
  • Videographers: Jasper Wesselman, Jack Anderson, Angie Bernardoni
  • Stickers: TJ Harnasch
  • EMT: Mike Cunningham
  • DJ Feist-E for the Sugar Mix
  • Amazing Volunteers including: Meg Valliant, Diane Timmons, Matt McPharlin, Kari Heinsen, Hanna Hohanson, Nancy Gilbert, Kristine Praly, Brooks Mcmullin, plus anyone I may have missed