I love to touch the ocean, the edge of the earth. It makes me feel connected to life and it makes me feel like a little kid.

Time the waves,

rush in,

touch the water,

hurry back,

so my shoes don’t get wet,

from the next ripple.

Funny how big the waves feel when you’re up close, smashing the shore with a roar. Move up trail, to the top of the ridge and they’re more like ripples, ridges of a clam shell, licking the shore with a whisper. It’s a bit of a metaphor for life I suppose. Things can seem so ominous when you’re down at the edge, staring that body of water in the face. When you move to a higher vantage point you can see how the pieces connect and are part of something larger than you.

Yes, I cannot ride mountain bikes right now, but I have time to reflect on what an amazing life I live and how much greatness I’m creating in the world. I’ve had many years of shredding the gnar and I will have many more to come. But for now, I’m enjoying being the facilitator of fun rather than the fun chaser.

I get to focus on how to plan and grow the awesome.I get to create those little ripples that are part of an ocean of greatness, an ocean of change. I get to build opportunities for female riders, and grant a positive path for the kids who find a home in non-traditional sports. This ocean is about much more than me riding a bike, it’s about my community.

Challenging as it may be, I sure do love my life.

A wave laps over my Five Tens and I laugh backing away, knowing I’ll return stronger, and with a vengeance.