Sweetlines Chick Flicks!

Awesomeland Cover

That’s right! It’s movie night for all of my dirt sisters! Not only will we be showing rad movies of ladies shredding bikes, we’re also inviting the dirt community to come in promote women’s specific programs!

  • Date: Wednesday, May 27
  • Location: St Andrews Pub and Grill
  • Time:
    • 6pm-8pm – Meet and Greet
    • 8pm – Movies Start
  • Cost: $5 suggested donation
    • Fundraiser for Sugar Showdown
  • Movies: “Awesomeland. Women of Dirt” plus various short films (let us know if you have one we could add to the list)

Dirt Sista Invitees:


Sugar Showdown Seattle, July 3-5

This 4th of July brings us the 4th Annual Sugar Showdown Seattle!

“I took the class not so much because I wanted an all women’s experience, I mostly didn’t want to be the only person under the age of 12. But to see other women doing things on bikes that I’d only seen men do was truly inspiring. Just like your video, “If She Can Do It”…I felt like I could at the very least try!” – Sugar Showdown participant

This ladies-only ridestyle event focuses on freeride skills including jumping, dropping and wall rides. Our experienced, professional coaches will emphasize form and style. We are committed to creating a supportive environment where women can encourage each other and most importantly, have fun! Sugar Showdown is not about winning – it’s about creating a space where women can push their personal limits, building our Sisterhood of Shred!

Get ready to progress your ridestyle and throwdown at the Showdown! Our three-day weekend begins on Friday with a Meet & Greet. Riders will have a chance to meet the coaches and have their bikes checked for safety and fit.

On Saturday, some of the best coaches in North America will provide small group trainings on jumping, drops and railing berms. Sunday is a fun day of friendly competition where you can put all your new skills to the test.

Competition is broken down by age and skill, with Novice/Amateur and Semi-Pro riders on Voodoo Child and Pros on Semper Dirticus.

We have a special program for our Sweet Peas (riders aged 6-9), with a 2-hour class on Saturday and a FREE Jump Jam on Sunday.

Dates: July 3-5

  • July 3 – Meet & Greet
  • July 4 – Class
  • July 5 – Comp


  • Duthie Hill Park, Issaquah, WA
  • Meet & Greet is in the new parking lot


  • Class & Comp – $185
  • Comp Only – $40
  • Sweet Peas Class – $50
  • Includes: lunch Saturday and Sunday
  • Sweet Peas Jump Jam – FREE
  • Prices go up June 1 to $195 and again June 22 to $205
  • Registration closes July 2 at 10pm


  • Friday: 6pm – 8pm
  • Saturday: 9am – 4pm
  • Sunday: 9am – 4pm


Must have been riding mountain bikes for a minimum of 1 year


Friday, July 3, 6pm-8pm

Friday night we will meet in the new Duthie parking lot to meet the coaches and students and check over all of the ladies bikes. We won’t be riding at that time.


Saturday, July 4, 9am-4pm

Groups will be split up based on ability and whether students have been to one of our programs before or not. New students will spend more time on form in the beginning. Returning students will do a form refresher then move on to freeride skills. Students are automatically entered in the comp but don’t have to participate unless they want to.

Sugar Cubes is for 10-14 year olds all day Saturday. Girls must have been riding mountain bikes for a minimum of 2 years and be ready to start jumping or push their jumping to the next level.

Sweet Peas is a 2 hour class for 6-9 year olds on Saturday from 1pm-3pm. The girls will practice on the pump track and Luna lines working on skills while having fun! Must be riding 2-wheels! Not training wheels. Coaster brakes are ok but hand brakes are preferred.

“I think the competition at the end was a great way to showcase everyone’s improvement. I never thought I’d say that, I normally hate competing. But being in a group of women who all struggled and overcame a lot of their fears was really empowering.” – Sugar Showdown student


Sunday, July 5, 9am-4pm

Novice and Amateur riders will compete on Voodoo Child. Novice riders are new to jumping.  Amateurs have a bit more jumping experience. Judging will be based on form and style.

Semi-Pros will compete on Voodoo Child. This category is for women who have been jumping for a while are almost ready to compete on Semper Dirticus but feel more comfortable on Voodoo.

The Pro category will compete on Semper Dirticus. This class is for ladies who have been jumping for a long time. Judging is based on style, amplitude and tricks. You will see a lot of turn-bars, x-ups, one footers, no-footers, tam-boggins, whips, kick outs, no-handers, table tops, ET airs, bar humps, combinations, and some surprise moves.  Pros will be given more points for larger features, the Rooster Booster (3rd jump) and the By Pass (after the drop to hip), no points for the wall ride or rolls after it.

Comp Categories:

  • Novice (new to jumping)
  • Amateur Sugar Cubes, 10-14
  • Amateur 15-25
  • Amateur 26-35
  • Amateur 36-45
  • Masterettes 46 +
  • Semi-Pro
  • Pro

Special Awards Include:

  • Most Improved
  • Best Trick (for Pros)
  • Most Supportive Rider
  • Most Creative
  • Highest Amplitude
  • Trail Builder Volunteer Hours
  • Assistant Coach Volunteer Hours




The Little Big, Sept 27-28 – Truckee, CA

Come join us in Lake Tahoe!!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Little Big Ridestyle Event

What is the Little Big? It is an all level ride style bike skills clinic for women followed by a competition to be held at the new progressive Truckee Bike Park in Truckee, CA on September 27th & 28th, 2014.

Our motto is “it’s never too late to live a happy childhood” so we make a strong effort to make our clinics fun and educational at the same time. Our students cover a wide age span ranging from 11 years to 50. Hence the name, The Little Big: little women, big women, little jumps, big jumps, little progressions, big progression. We also have events and competition for the youngest “Lil’s” with our strider track.

Our event strategy is two fold. First and foremost…to grow the sport in the women’s world by teaching women to be comfortable on their bike, have fun, and create a foundation of fundamentals to progress in their riding taught by a high level of female coaches.

The goal is to reach women in all parts of the world and grow the clinics and competitions to be bigger with more participants every year. There will be teaching assistants mentoring and learning so they can get certified to teach. This will grow the number of educated women teaching the sport. The impact of this will change the sport and balance out the male female influence.

Secondly, we want to pay it forward and support the world class, Truckee Bike Park. The goal of the Truckee Bike Park is to create an easily accessible bike environment where “kids” of all ages (2 – 80!) can get out on the bike (at no cost) and have fun together, multi-generational bridge.

All proceeds of the Little Big will be donated to the continued expansion of the bike park. The bike park is a 100% grass roots, non-profit organization, under the umbrella of Truckee Parks and Rec. – comprised of local bikers trying to give back to the community they love.


  • Who: Cortney Knudson
  • What: The Little Big
  • Where: Truckee Bike Park
  • When: September 27th & 28th, 2014
  • Cost: $189 Clinic (6 – hrs of instruction lunch and comp)
    $40 Competition for non-clinic participants


  • Saturday
  • 8:30am – 9am — Intro
  • 9am – 11:30am — Skills Sessions
  • 11:30am -12:30pm — Lunch
  • 12:30pm – 4:00pm — Skills Sessions
  • 4:00pm — Wrap-up “cookie circle”
  • Sunday
  • 9:00-10:00am — Novice & Pro Practice
  • 10:00-12:00am — Novice Competition
  • 9:30am — Strider Track Jam (little girls) – $20 donation goes to Bike Park
  • 12:00-1:00pm — Lunch (Not Provided)
  • 1:00-2:00pm — Pro Competition
  • 2:00-3:00pm — Boys “must dress” Jam Competition
  • 3:00-4:00pm — Awards

Pro Certified Coaches include: Cortney Knudson, Stephanie Nychka, Lisa Tharp, Kat Sweet, Lindsey Voreis, Lisa Mason, Angi Weston

Demo Tents by Specialized, Dude Girl and Dakine

Registration is through Truckee Parks and Rec:
Please call 530-582-7720 ext 0, info@tdrpd.org, www.tdrpd.org


Sugar Showdown Seattle 2014 Results!

Congratulations to the Sisterhood of Shred for pushing their own personal limits and being an inspiration to women riders around the world! Our youngest rider catching air 6, the oldest was 54, and the majority of competitors were over 35!

My favorite part of the weekend was watching the pro comp with the Sweet Peas (6-9 year olds) and Sugar Cubes (10-14 year olds) sitting beside me cheering as Kaytlin sent it on the Pro line!


Woodinville Bicycle: Pic Link

What’s Up Over Me: Pic Link

Ryan Fisher: Pic Link

Alec Ilstrup Video!

Pro Comp – $540 cash purse

  • 1st ($200 + Fox Fork) – Lauren Heitzman – Tribe Sports, Mojo Wheels, Dirty Jane, Honey Stinger
  • 2nd ($150)- Stephanie Nychka
  • 3rd ($100) – Lisa Tharp- Black Market
  • 4th ($50) – Lalena Desautels – Dirty Jane, Sweetlines
  • 5th ($40) – Carolyn Kavanaugh – (Women’s Freeride Movement)
  • 6th – Alycia Maggard – Bikes Plus
  • 7th – Lynne Armstrong – (Air Maiden) Evolution Bike Shop
  • 8th – Wendy Palmer – (Moab Mountain Bike Instruction) Shredly, Chile Pepper Bike Shop
  • 9th – Lisa Mason – (Women’s Freeride Movement) Bell, RaceFace, Summit Sport
  • 10th – Kaytlin Melvin – Evil Bikes, Burlington Bike Park, AllSport Dynamics
  • 11th – Cortney Knudson – (Truckee Bike Park / Little Big Ridestyle Event) POC, Electric Eyewear
  • 12th – Meg Valliant – (The Sisterhood of Shred movie) RideSFO, X-Fusion, Honey Stinger, Sweetlines

Semi-Pro Comp

  • 1st – Caryn Cantu – Sweetlines
  • 2nd – Hailey Star
  • 3rd – Tanya Bastian
  • 4th – Heather Newton – Matt and the Shred Sisters!
  • 5th – Pam Reid – Race Face, Five Ten

Sugar Cubes – ages 10-14

  • 1st – Sydney Haberman
  • 2nd – Bailey Goldstone
  • 3rd – Katie Sinfield – North Shore Composites Gnarwhals
  • 4th – Ciara MacDonald – Rad Racing
  • 5th – Talulla Amsbry


  • 1st – Amanda Bishop
  • 2nd – Trish Griffen
  • 3rd – Melissa Gonzalez – Shine Riders Co
  • 4th – Courtney Henerson – Luna Chix
  • 5th – Melissa Hill
  • 6th – Katelyn Praly – Fox, Sweetlines

AM Masterettes

  • 1st – Terry Seeberg – SuperCo
  • 2nd – Cheryl Parker
  • 3rd – Marne Fox-Barrow
  • 4th – Ivy Lui
  • 5th – Kathy Rogers – Subterranean Cycles
  • 6th – DaVonne Zentner


  • 1st – Kari Lio
  • 2nd – Jessica Tsao
  • 3rd – Amanda Workman
  • 4th Kirsten Maser – Evergreen East, Biking Betties
  • 5th – Kristine Leise

Novice Masterettes

  • 1st – Sol Diaz Jirash – Ryan Fisher Pro Photographer
  • 2nd – Camilla Chalmers
  • 3rd – Tana Blair
  • 4th – Deanna Fay
  • 5th – Karen Omodt
  • 6th – Wendy Carter
  • 7th – Melody Soucy – Muddbunnies
  • 8th – Lori Williams
  • 9th – Pennny Schwyn – Bike Hub, Evergreen East, Biking Betties

Pro Special Awards

  • Most Improved Pro – Meg Valliant
  • Steezist Whip – Lauren Heitzman
  • Flattest Table – Carolyn Kavanaugh
  • Audience Favorite – Kaytlin Melvin
  • Shin Banger G-Form Award – Cortney Knudson
  • Best Trick – Alycia Maggard, ET & Lauren Heitzman, Tam-Boggin – each got $50
  • Best Combo Trick – Lalena Desautels
  • Best No-Footer – Lisa Tharp
  • Best One-Hander – Lynne Armstrong

Special Awards

  • Most Improved AM – Ivy Lui
  • Highest Amplitude – Sydney Haberman, won Sweetlines $60 gift certificate
  • Come Back Kid – Katelyn Praly
  • Most Creative – Caryn Cantu, won 1/2 day photo shoot with What’s Up Over Me
  • Trail Builder Hours – Kelly Melvin
  • Hostess with the Mostest – Mechille Melvin
  • Women’s Bike Advocate Award – Terry Seeberg

Thanks to all of the Sweet Peas who came out to shred!

  • Cinder Valliant
  • Riley H.
  • Riley A.
  • Molly
  • Nyla
  • Jetta
  • plus all of the little girls who came to ride in the Sweet Peas Pump & Jump Jam on Sunday!

Mom / Daugher Competitor Shout Outs

  • Meg Valliant & Cinder
  • Tana Blair & Molly
  • Heather Newton & Charlie

Rad Judges

  • Steven Bafus
  • Dylan Bibbins
  • Travis Erikson
  • Lance Heim
  • Allen Levine
  • Guy Marsh

Amazing Sponsors!

  • Sweetlines
  • Diamondback Bikes – Assault, DJ frame
  • Koerner Camera Systems
  • Oakley – packs and gear
  • Deity Components – super steezy parts!
  • G-Form – pads and gear
  • Sombrio – hot gear
  • Dirty Jane – photo comp and a free entry into our comp
  • VP Components – pedals and gear
  • Clif Bar – deliciousness
  • DaKine – gear
  • FOX Suspension – DJ fork
  • Ryders Eyewear – shades
  • Kona – Angi!
  • AllSport Dynamics – sexy wrist braces
  • JOBY – camera tripods
  • WTB – Vigilante tires
  • Gregg’s Cycles – Saturday lunch and mechanics
  • Woodinville Bicycle – photographer
  • dhbetty Jewelry – Sugar Showdown necklaces for top 3
  • The Melvin Family!!

Thank you to the volunteers and trail builders who put in countless hours so that we could have an amazing event!

  • MC Angi!!
  • Kathy Rogers – Scoring Master!
  • Red DJ – dance party
  • Angela Sucich – writer
  • Ash Kelly – Mountain Bike for Her writer
  • Beriah Osorio – builder
  • Brian Connelly – builder
  • The Praly Family
  • The dads – Kelly Melvin, Kelly Amsbry, Thom Hudson
  • Ann Davis – Sweet Pea Pump & Jump Jam
  • Tracy Curly – artist
  • Jasper Wesselman – filmer
  • Alec Ilstrup Media
  • The Sisterhood of Shred film crew! – Joe Towey, Roxy Ewing, Jack Anderson, Dean Cannon, Ryan Horner, Coburn Erskine
  • Thanks to everyone who helped out!

A huge thank you to Angi and Meg who stayed up late into the night with me to make sure our event ran smoothly each day!