Sugar Showdown Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Mtb Fest – Aptos, CA April 5-6 Dirt Jumping & Pump Track
Sugar Showdown Burlington Burlington, WA May 9-10 Indoor Dirt Jumping & Pump Track
Sugar Showdown Seattle Duthie Hill Park, Issaquah, WA July 5-6 Ridestyle: Freeride


Sugar Showdown is a women’s ridestyle event with one day of coaching and one day of competition. Definition of ridestyle: we’re combining slopestyle with freeride, dirt jumping, and park with judging based on form and style for amateurs and the addition of tricks for the pro categories.

Sweetlines brings in the top pro competitors and certified coaches from around North America, to mentor and train other women, building confidence and skills.

A key component of our success is our ability to reach a global community via social media, word of mouth and use of online videos to capture the essence of what we do.




In 2014 we will be producing a feature length documentary highlighting the Sisterhood of Shred, our coaches, riders and supporters. Our focus will be on how our community helps us push personal limits, supports us emotionally, and continually motivates us in our daily lives.



  • Sweetlines
  • Diamondback Bikes
  • Oakley
  • Deity Components
  • VP Components
  • Five Ten
  • Nutcase
  • G-Form
  • Dirty Jane
  • My Alibi Clothing
  • Ryders Eyewear
  • Kona
  • All Sport Dynamics
  • JOBY
  • WTB
  • Shine Riders Co
  • Gregg’s Cycles
  • Woodinville Bicycle




Burlington Logo


Come check out the new indoor bike park! We will be coaching Friday and competing Saturday morning.

Friday’s class will have intermediate and advanced groups focused on pumping and jumping. Advanced jumpers will go with Tammy and work on pumping, dirt jumping, style, and tricks. Intermediate jumpers will go with Kat and Angi and be focused on pumping, jumping, form and hitting bigger dirt jumps. Class participants will also be able to ride for free for all of Friday.

Saturday’s comp will be jump jam format with Amateur and Pro categories. AM’s will compete on the pump track line and Pros will compete on the right line or whichever line they are comfortable riding. There will be ton’s of prizes thanks to our amazing sponsors!

This event is not recommended for new jumpers. Participants must have some previous jumping experience already.


  • Class – Friday, May 9, 9am-12pm
  • Comp – Saturday, May 10, 10am-11am


  • $125 Class (includes an all day pass, valued at $18)
  • $30 Comp (includes all day pass, valued at $25)

How: Registration Link

LocationBurlington Bike Park Link

Housing: Hampton Inn Link

Coaches: Tammy Donahugh, Kat Sweet, Angi Weston

Assistant Coaches: Meg Valliant, Lisa Mason, Lauren Heitzman

Tentative Schedule:


  • 8:30am – Registration / Bike Checks
  • 9am-12pm – Classes


  • 8:30am – Registration
  • 9am-10am – Practice
  • 10am-10:20am – AM Comp
  • 10:30am-11am – Pro Comp



Details coming soon!



  • Santa Cruz & Burlington -
  • Bike: hardtail, dirt jumper style bike or bmx bike works the best for dirt jumping and indoor riding
  • Tires: low rolling resistance with less knobs are better                                                  (ie: Kenda Small Block 8’s, Maxxis Holly Rollers, etc)
  • Air: run extra air, recommended 50-60lbs
  • Bike: Freeride works the best, dirt jumpers or all mountain bikes are good too
  • Pedals: mandatory flat pedals and Five Ten or skate style shoes                          (limited pedals will be available for demo)
  • Protective Gear: mandatory knee and elbow pads                                                 (limited protective gear will be available to demo)
  • Helmets: full face helmets are strongly recommended


Our primary audience is women and girls ages 10-50. The majority of our participants are women 30-45 years old. We have a Sugar Cubes category for the 10-16 year olds and a Masterettes category for 45+! Our global reach includes not only women but also men; fathers, husbands, boyfriends, and friends, mountain bikers and non riders who are inspired by what we do.



Want to be part of the event but you don’t want to ride? We would love your help!

  • Registration
  • Medic or EMT
  • Sweetlines booth
  • Photography
  • Video – to use for video analysis
  • DJ




Tammy Donahugh

    • Years Riding Mountain Bikes: 20
    • Years Coaching: 7
    • Certifications: ICP Level 3
    • Comp Results:
    • 2013 Sugar Showdown SC – 2nd
    • 2013 Sugar Showdown WA – 1st
    • 2013 Dixie Trix – 1st
    • Favorite Trails: Too many to list!  I love trails that incorporate different feelings into the ride – fast & flowy, techy, jumpy, and some skidding for good measure!
    • Favorite Tricks: I love watching people who can throw big turndowns, nac whips, and one footed euro tables.  I would be stoked if I could get close to pulling off any of those!
    • Favorite Quote: ”If everyone could learn that what is right for me does not make it right for anyone else, the world would be a much happier place”.  William Glasser, M.D.
    • Role Model and Why? Any person who is doing what they love, living life to the fullest, and giving back at times

Cortney Knudson

  • Years Riding Mountain Bikes: 20 yrs (15 flailing 5 with skill)
  • Years Coaching: 6 yrs
  • Certifications: ICP level 1 & 2
  • Comp Results: For this year? Mostly last but first in my own world. Comparing year to year I always am able to see a huge progression in my riding and jumping. And I got 3rd at the Little Big Ridestyle Event, 2013.
  • Favorite Trails: Dirt Jumps! Dirt Merchant! Martis DH, Tahoe XC- Mt Rose to Chimney, Hole in the ground, Glass Mtn
  • Favorite Tricks: turning a dollar bill into a hundred dollar bill?
  • Favorite Quote: he who rests rusts
  • Theme Song: Can’t say a song in particular, but favorite thing to do is sing out-loud, belt it out, while on trail so everyone gets the song stuck in their head for the theme song of the day! HA Example….  give me some Aiyrrrre, like ya just don’t caiyrrrree
  • Role Model and Why? There again,I can’t pin point anyone in particular. I pick something out of everyone.Something maybe  to look up to, sometimes to respect and always to learn. The role models are always changing, revolving, and growing with those around me. Thanks to all the beautiful people in my life! Look forward to those who are still to come.

Angi Weston

  • Years Riding Mountain Bikes: 11 years
  • Years Coaching: 8 years
  • Certifications: ICP Coach
  • Comp Results:  #1 in fun!
  • Favorite Trails: Steep, loamy, and techy
  • Favorite Tricks: bar hump look back or the announcer air (that’s when I jump over the announcer)
  • Favorite Quote: “It’s not life that matters, it’s the courage that we bring to it”
  • Theme Song: Doing it Right by Daft Punk
  • Role Model and Why? Rae Gandolf because she lives out her passions to the fullest, she is brave, beautiful, brilliant, and blistering fast on a bike!
  • Kat Sweet because she has a genuine and authentic approach to all things in life, especially teaching. She reminds us how to have fun and that you are only as old as you allow yourself to be!

Meg Valliant

  • Years Riding Mountain Bikes: 14
  • Years Coaching: less than 1 yr
  • Certifications: ICP
  • Comp Results:
  • 3rd AM, Sugar Showdown Lumberyard
  • 6th Pro, Sugar Showdown Santa Cruz
  • 1st Semi-Pro,  Sugar Showdown Duthie Hill
  • 9th Pro,  Dixie Trix, Frisco Bike Park
  • 5th Pro, The Little Big at Truckee
  • 1st Sea otter Slalom ’11
  • 3rd 4x Nationals ’06
  • Favorite Trails: Fun Dirt jumps, Juaquin Miller park (OAkland)
  • Favorite Tricks: (that i do?) Table Top , kick out  (that i want to do?) Clicked Table top, turn down, tail whip
  • Favorite Quote: oh there are so many..
  • “Cru, remember the lumber yard…go balls out.”
  • “You’re not dying you just dont have anything better to do”,
  • Felis catus is your taxonomic nomenclature, An endothermic quadruped, carnivorous by nature;”
  • Theme Song:  always a toss up between The Fall Guy, the Munsters, and the Ateam however i always have the Rad soundtrack on my ipod
  • Role Model and Why? so many…
  • Gene Roddenberry- He took his dreams to the masses and inspired generation after generation.
  • Athletes that make an impact in there sport by pushing the next generation to new limits.. Hoffman, Hawk, Mullin, Mccoy, Rooftop, Peralta, Joelene
  • Phil Segura – takes Hustle to all new highs! Passionate about his dreams. too many more role models to write…

Shelby Reilly

  • Years Riding Mountain Bikes: 10 years
  • Years Coaching: 2 years coaching MTB grew up running BMX clinics
  • Certifications: soon to be ICP certified by IMBA
  • Comp Results: Don’t keep track of that stuff, but probably fairly good
  • Favorite Trails: Duthie is rad
  • Favorite Tricks: love my lazy one handers
  • Favorite Quote: ”if you aint first your last” – Ricky Bobby
  • Theme Song: Bad Habit -Offspring

Lauren Heitzman

  • Years Riding Mountain Bikes: 8 years
  • Years Coaching: 4 years
  • Certifications: IDP gravity/freeride instructor
  • Comp Results:
  • 7th Dixie Trix – Pro
  • 4th Little Big Ridestyle – Pro
  • Favorite Trails: Burlington Indoor, Duthie Hill MTB Park
  • Favorite Tricks: back flips and Indian Airs – I’m working on both, but I still need a lot of practice
  • Favorite Quote: “Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Bill Gates, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.”  - Unknown
  • Theme song: I lived, One republic
  • Role model: My good friend Theron Tate. He is not only an awesome rider, but an awesome friend as well. He works passionately toward his goals and never gives up. Always smiling, he has a fantastic outlook on life and shares that positive energy with everyone he meets. He inspires me to work hard towards my goals and be grateful for everything that I have. His focus and determination are a force that stays with me and challenges me to be the best me that I can be.

Ridestyle Tour 2014

May 9-10   Sugar Showdown Burlington – indoor park riding

April 5-6     Sugar Showdown Santa Cruz – dirt jumps and pump track

July 5-6      Sugar Showdown Seattle – ridestyle (jumps, drops, wall rides)

Sept 27-28 Little Big Ridestyle Event – dirt jumping


Sugar Showdown Results!

IMG_5226 IMG_5247 IMG_5231

The Sisterhood of Shred had an amazing weekend at the Sugar Showdown Seattle, presented by Diamondback. Here are some rad stats and results.


  • 45 ladies in the class
  • 48 in the comp
  • 4 volunteer coaches
  • 10 coaches

Age range: 12-50


  • US representation: New York, Maine, Minnesota, Illinois, Texas, Cali, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Montana.
  • Canadian representation: Whistler, Victoria, Vancouver, Prince George in BC, plus Calgary Alberta.

Enthusiastic spectators that were flashing the ladies and cheering both on their way down the course and as the competitors walked back up the course! Go PNW hecklers!

Awesome Sponsor: Diamondback Bikes, Trips for Kids Seattle, The Melvin Family, Dakine, G-Form, Gregg’s Cycles, Kirkland Bicycle, Woodinville Bicycle, Deity, Lumberyard, LFDJ, Platypus, VP Components, Ryders Eyeware, Sombrio, Ride SFO, DH Betty Jewelry, Bicycles West, Chateau Saint Michelle


  • 1st Place – Katie Sinfield, Kirkland Bicycle


  • 1st Place – Olivia Shafer
  • 2nd Place – Trish Griffen
  • 3rd Place – Linnea Rooke
  • 4th Place – Michelle Emmons, Dirt Dojo
  • 5th Place – Andrea Cunningham
  • 6th Place – Zion Schlund
  • 7th Place – Katy Pranian, Sorella Forte
  • 8th Place – Natalie Young
  • 9th Place – Andrea Johnson


  • 1st Place – Emily Sabelhaus, MuddBunnies
  • 2nd Place – Hailey Starr
  • 3rd Place Tie
  •       Deanne Lazaruk, IMBA Canada
  •       Danielle Klinkhamer
  • 5th Place – Carmen Halle
  • 6th Place – Lindsey Jacobsen


  • 1st Place – Pam Reid, Trek Dirt Series
  • 2nd Place – Heather Newton, sponsored by her husband for babysitting
  • 3rd Place – Lynn Peterson, Penncycle
  • 4th Place – Rachel DeLateur, GL6
  • 5th Place – Christi Jenc, photographer Ben Broten


  • 1st Place – Terry Seeberg, SuperCo
  • 2nd Place – Cheryl Parker
  • 3rd Place – Katherine Rogers
  • 4th Place – Ivy Lui
  • 5th Place – Rachel Robinson, Jeff Krisup Enterprises

SUGAR CUBES – (ages 10-15)

  • 1st Place – Heather Macmillan
  • 2nd Place – Kaytlin Melvin, Sweetlines Jr Team
  • 3rd Place – Ketelyn Praly, Equine Cranio Workshops, Fox Racing


  • 1st Place – Meg Valliant, Ride IMG_5233SFO, Sweetlines
  • 2nd Place – Caryn Cantu, Sweetlines
  • 3rd Place – Christin Von Dine
  • 4th Place – Elinor Wesner, Shimano, Cole, Fly Racing


  • 1st Place – Tammy Donahugh, Deity, Sombrio, SuperCo, Kate’s Bars, IXS, Native, Spank
  • 2nd Place – Katie Heinsen, Sweetlines Jr Team, Deity
  • 3rd Place – Lisa Mason, Women’s Freeride Movement, Summit Sports
  • 4th Place – Stephanie Nychka
  • 5th Place – Wendy Palmer, Moab Mountain Bike Instruction, Chile Pepper Bike Shop
  • 6th Place – Michelle Benson, Deity, Fanatik Bike Co
  • 7th Place – Carolyn Kavenaugh, Banshee Bikes, Women’s Freeride Movement
  • 8th Place – Shelby Reiley, Lumberyard
  • 9th Place – Whitney Thompson, SuperCo
  • 10th Place – Cortney Knudson, POC, Electric, Five Ten
  • 11th Place – Angi Weston, Kona Bikes
  • 12th Place – Chelsey Stevens, The Bike Hub, Evil Bikes, Loeka Clothing, Gamut, Spy, Sockguy, GoPro, Crankbrothers, Triflow, Leatt, Sun Ringle, Azonic, Royal Clothing, Fox Suspension, Maxxis
  • 13th Place – Adrian Hopkins, Maxxis, GHY Bikes

Prize Purse: $700

  • 1st $300
  • 2nd $200
  • 3rd $100
  • 4th $50
  • 5th $50

Special Awards

  • Most Improved: Zion Schlund
  • Most Supportive: Angi Weston
  • Best Amplitude: Lisa Mason
  • Best Trick: Tammy Donahugh with a Tam-boggin and a Suicide No-Hander
  • Best Creativity: Tammy Donahugh
  • Most Volunteer Hours: Meg Valliant

Photo Link:

Woodinville Bicycle Photo Link

Thanks to our coaches:

Tammy Donahugh, Stephanie Nychka, Jill Kintner, Angi Weston, Lindsey Voreis, Wendy Palmer, Cortney Knudson, Chelsey Henry, Karen O’Connell. Plus assistant coaches: Meg Valliant, Shelby Reiley, Erika Ummerika, Lisa Mason, Elinor Wesner.

Thanks to our behind the scenes crew:

  • Trail Crew: Beriah, Mason Prendergast, Jacob Carmichael, Kelly Melvin, Jack Anderson, Luccas Mccay
  • Judges: AJ Johnson, Jason Gibb, Jon Steinbis, Mason Prendergast, Jacob Carmichael, Lindsey Voreis
  • Artist: Tracy Curley
  • Writer: Angela Sucich
  • Photographers: Pete from Woodinville Bicycle, Lee Mutoli, and Carl Buchanan
  • Videographers: Jasper Wesselman, Jack Anderson, Angie Bernardoni
  • Stickers: TJ Harnasch
  • EMT: Mike Cunningham
  • DJ Feist-E for the Sugar Mix
  • Amazing Volunteers including: Meg Valliant, Diane Timmons, Matt McPharlin, Kari Heinsen, Hanna Hohanson, Nancy Gilbert, Kristine Praly, Brooks Mcmullin, plus anyone I may have missed


Sugar Showdown Seattle 2013 presented by Diamondback


Hey Ladies, it’s time to throwdown at the Showdown! This ridestyle event is focused on freeride skills including jumping, dropping, and wall rides. The emphasis will be on form, style, and creating a supportive environment where women can encourage each other.  This event is not about winning, it’s about pushing personal limits within students own boundaries and building our Sisterhood of Shred!

Sugar Showdown Lumberyard ’13 from Sweetlines on Vimeo.

SUGAR SHOWDOWN SEATTLE, presented by Diamondback

  • Dates: July 6-7
  • Location: Duthie Hill Park, Issaquah (Seattle), WA
  • Time: 8:00am-4:30pm
  • Format: One day of freeride coaching / one day of competition
  • Cost:
    • $179 Class and Comp
    • $159 Class Only
    • $50 Comp Only
    • $179 Sugar Cubes Class and Comp, 10-15 years old
    • Prices go up after June 21
    • Scholarships are always available (just email


  • Meet and Greet ride with the coaches Friday night
  • We’ve added an hour of coaching – 5 hours total
  • 1:6 ratio of coaches to students
  • Lunch Saturday from Gregg’s Cycles
  • Lunch Sunday from Woodinville Bicycle
  • Tons of prizes
  • Special event swag
  • Learning from some of the best coaches in North America!
  • We have more through rider ability questions to get everyone into the correct groups.


Must have been riding mountain bikes for a minimum of 2 years.



Groups will be split up based on ability and whether students have been to one of our programs before or not. New students will start with a morning stretch and spend more time on form in the beginning. Returning students will do a form refresher then move on to freeride skills. We’ve added an hour of coaching time so we can take our time and not feel rushed. Students are automatically entered in the comp but don’t have to participate unless they want to. We will have a 1:6 ratio of coaches to students.

Sugar Cubes is for 10-15 year olds. Girls must have been riding mountain bikes for a minimum of 2 years and be ready to start jumping or push their jumping to the next level.



Categories will include Novice for new jumpers, Amateur for ladies who have been jumping before but aren’t quite ready for the Pros. Then the Pro category is for women who have been jumping for a while and are doing some tricks.

Novice and Amateur judging is based on form, style, creativity, and if participants clear the jump or case it, (manuals are worth more points than casing a jump).

Pros are judged on form, style, amplitude, creativity and tricks. Competitors will get two runs throwing out their lowest scored run.


  • Novice Sugar Cubes, 10-15 – Voodoo Child
  • Novice, all ages – Voodoo Child
  • Amateur Sugar Cubes, 10-15 – Voodoo Child
  • Amateur 16-25 – Voodoo Child
  • Amateur 26-45 – Voodoo Child
  • Amateur 46 + Voodoo Child
  • Pro / Open – Semper Dirticus
Novice = new to jumping and freeride skills
Amateur = been jumping and doing drop offs already
Pro / Open = been jumping and dropping for a while and are ready for some tricks and gaps

Special Awards Include:

  • Most Improved
  • Best Trick (for Pros)
  • Most Supportive Rider
  • Best Crash
  • Most Creative
  • Best Amplitude
  • Trail Builder Volunteer Hours
  • Assistant Coach Volunteer Hours


  • Mandatory: flat pedals and Five Ten or skate style shoes (limited pedals and shoes are available for demo)
  • Mandatory: knee and elbow pads (limited protective gear will be available to demo)
  • Full face helmets are strongly recommended
  • Slopestyle of Freeride style bikes work the best, 4”-6” of travel (I’ll be using my 4” travel Diamondback 4X/Slope bike)


Registration: Click on the Bike Reg Link



  • 6:00pm                   Meet and Greet at Duthie                                                                            (meet the coaches, get your bikes checked, and ride)


  • 8:00am                     Check in, bike checks
  • 8:30am                     Coach intros, break into groups
  • 9:00am-11:30am      Coaching begins for returning students
  • 9:00am-9:30am        Morning stretch for new students
  • 9:30am-11:30           Coaching begins for new students
  • 11:30am-12:30pm    Lunch – Sponsored by Gregg’s Cycles
  • 12:30pm-2:00pm      Afternoon skills sessions
  • 2:00pm-3:00pm        Choose stations for the last hour                                                             (Drops Zone, Luna Jumps, Voodoo, Semper D)
  • 3:00pm-3:30pm        Cookie Circle & Feedback
  • 3:30pm-4:30pm        Prize Drawing
  • 3:00pm-8:00pm        Open Practice for Competitors
  • 8:00pm                     Course Maintenance

Sunday – NEW

  • 8:30am-9:00am                Registration
  • 9:00am-9:30am                Rider Meeting
  • 9:30am-10:30am              Novice/Amateur Practice
  • 10:30am-11:00am            Novice Comp – Voodoo Child
  • 11:00am-12:30pm            Amateur Comp – Voodoo Child
  • 12:30pm-1:30pm              Lunch – sponsored by Kirkland Bicycle
  • 1:30pm-2:30pm                Pro Practice
  • 2:30pm-3:00pm                Pro Comp –Semper Dirticus
  • 4:30pm                             Awards


Woodiinville Bicycle will be taking pics both days that you will be able to download from their website for free! Woodinville Bicycle Link


Want to be part of the event but you don’t want to ride? We would love your help with registration, course marshalling, working the Sweetlines booth, etc. Email Kat if you’re interested.


Main entrance, parking: (10 minute ride into the Clearing)
Duthie Hill Lodge
27101 SE Duthie Hill Road
Issaquah, WA 98029

Overflow parking: (15 min ride into the Clearing)
Cascade Ridge Elementary School
2020 Trossachs Boulevard Southeast


Motel 6

  • Issaquah (5.7 miles, 14 minutes from Duthie)
  • $79 per night plus tax (approximate)
  • Bikes are allowed in the rooms
  • Contact: 425-392-8405

Snoqualmie River RV Park

  • Fall City (6.3 miles, 16 minutes from Duthie)
  • $27 per night (approximate)
  • Amenities: picnic tables, fire pit, showers, toilets
  • Contact: 425-222-5545

 _DSC0135 _DSC0023


  • Tammy Donahugh
  • Angi Weston
  • Wendy Palmer
  • Lindsey Voreis
  • Stephanie Nychka
  • Cortney Knudson
  • Lisa Mason
  • Chelsey Henry



tammy x-up TammyHeadShot

Tammy Donahugh is a Santa Cruz native who now resides in Colorado Springs, CO.  Tammy’s 19 years of experience on the bike includes racing downhill in the Pro circuit, traveling the continent to explore MTB parks, competing in slopestyle/dirt jump competitions, and coaching bike skill clinics.

Tammy has been with the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) for 8 years.  Her tenure has included running IMBA HQ as the Operations Manager to designing and building bike parks for IMBA’s Trail Solutions, to her current title -IMBA’s Instructor Certification Program manager.

Tammy’s coaching credentials are an IMIC (International Mountainbike Instructors Certification) Level 3 and she has been teaching individual and group clinics for 5 years.

Tammy has been nominated for the Action Sports Hall of Fame.  Rock the vote!

Tammy has a true passion for the sport and loves to share her knowledge with others.

Tammy created and produced Dixie Trix in 2012 – an all women’s freeride event which included clinics with certified, pro riders and a slopestyle competition for amateur and pro.  Dixie Trix is coming back in 2013 and will be held August 23-25 in Frisco, CO.


Wendy Hucking Wendy-Dog

Wendy lives in Moab Utah where she is the buyer for Chile Pepper Bike Shop( and co-owner of Moab Mountain Bike Instruction( She has been a professional Downhill and Slalom racer for eight years. She races for fun now and recently won the Pro GRT in Angel Fire, NM. Wendy is passionate about helping women overcome their fears in mountain biking and has been coaching for the last 3 years(PMBI Certified Level 2 Instructor). Though a desert pixie now, Wendy was born and raised right here in the Northwest! Gig Harbor is her hometown!











Angi is certified through the International Mountain Bike Instructors Certification Program (IMIC) and has been teaching and coaching for about 8 years. She enjoys working with people of all ages and ability levels to improve bike handling skills, confidence, and safety so more fun can be had on a bike. Angi enjoys riding and racing many disciplines, including Downhill, Super-D, Cross Country, Cyclocross, and Coaster-brake klunkers. In addition to three years of teaching the mountain bike class at Western Washington University she has also coached at Darcy Turenne’s See Jane Jump Fest on Mt. Washington, the MidWest Women’s Mountain Bike Clinic in Brown County Indiana, and Women’s Weekend at Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Cleveland, OH and Snowshoe Bike Park in West Virginia.


LindseyVCookie Lindsey

Lindsey grew up in Portland, Oregon where outdoor activities were just part of the daily routine. She spent her youth equestrian show jumping horses, skiing, snowboarding, playing soccer, basketball, running cross country and track and riding her bike. She has a BA in Journalism from the University of Arizona, and took her skills first to sports marketing, then to the advertising and public relations world in Portland.

In 2001 Lindsey had an incredible life-changing experience on the popular television show, Survivor: Africa. Watching herself on TV caused her to reevaluate who she was and helped her redefine herself through biking and self-exploration.

Lindsey has raced many disciplines of mountain bikes since 1996 and currently handles most of the business behind The Allride Tour, a tour dedicated to promoting the mountain bike lifestyle. When home in Bend Lindsey is either teaching clinics or guiding 3-day mountain bike adventures for Cog Wild Mountain Bike Tours in Bend, OR.

COACHING: Lindsey is in high demand to teach women’s clinics all over North America. She is PMBI (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor) certified as well as IMIC (International Mountain Bike Instructor Certification) certified. Teaching is her true calling. She is passionate about teaching because she knows it will vastly improve confidence and provide a better understanding of the relationship between riders and their bikes.

She has a unique style of teaching that integrates bike/life metaphors into her program and she creates confident, knowledgeable riders. She inspires women of all ages to enjoy bikes on a deeper level and loves coaching almost as much as riding epic trails around the world.

“I believe mt biking brings out one’s true colors. You can learn so much about yourself and your ability to persevere and overcome obstacles. When you learn how to progress in a physically demanding, intimidating sport like mt biking, you will have a newfound belief in your abilities and hopefully a strong desire to keep progressing. Trust me, one session with me will change the way you see mountain biking as I teach you how to give your bike life!”- LindseyVoreis


Cortney Knudson is a Lake Tahoe local. Growing up with the 4 seasons, her winters consisted of competitive skiing at Squaw Valley and her summers consisted of competing in horse-jumping and dressage. Once she discovered cross-country mountain-biking, though, her life on two wheels began. Starting out in cross-country, she quickly became a dirt-jumper, bmx rider, and avid downhiller. Following around the bad-ass local downhillers, they brought her into the fold and she learned their secrets. These secrets were divulged after many hours of heavy shoveling towards building downhill trails and dirt jumps with these locals. She now shares her knowledge and passion for riding by coaching.

Cortney’s mission is to guide, encourage, and share the ingredients to create success with all levels of riding.  She believes that whatever your mind will allow, conceive, and believe, we will achieve. Cortney teaches and competes all over the West Coast, from Vancouver, Canada to Reno, Nevada. She loves coaching and riding, whether it’s with other pro women, or on a one-on-one basis for the timid.

You can now learn how to ride like a girl, with precision and steeze. You will learn how to fly on two wheels with expertise, confidence and technical prowess. Event Director for The Little Big, a ridestyle event at the Sky Tavern Mountain Bike Park in Reno, Cortney shares her passion for the technical aspect of mountain biking by offering a woman’s-specific weekend consisting of a clinic and competition. Cortney consistently pursues her passion on two wheels and hopes.


Chelsey ShredChelsey & DogChelsey has been enjoying the two wheeled life since 2000. A short stint in cross country brought her to the awkward era of freeriding on hardtails with dual crown forks and 26 inch front, 24 inch rear wheels. She says, “those were the days, kinda like middle school, a time you never want to re-live!” She started downhill racing in about 2005, eventually riding at the Pro-level with some really awesome ladies. Recently she’s become a member of the board for Evergreen East, where they work to bring new trails to life. She’s been coaching for 5 years now. In her time off the bike she hangs out in Spokane, WA, and holds a job down as an engineer in aerospace. She can also shake her booty on the dance floor like no body’s business!


Dr StephanieStephanie has been in high-level competition in athletics for Biker Stephaniemost of her life – yet while pursuing her volleyball career she chose not to play for Team Canada as she had found a new passion in mountain biking. Drawn by the people, the beauty of trail riding, and the potential she saw for women to carve out a niche in a sport that was relatively untouched at the time, Stephanie became hooked on what would prove to be an 11 year adventure that she is still excited about each time she gets on her bike.

Beginning as a DH enthusiast, she was quickly swayed by learning how to dirt jump – this provided a smooth transition to slopestyle when living in Whistler for a summer. Although disappointed by the lack of women specific slopestyle events, she was intrigued by the growing number of females who were willing to ride more challenging terrain. This led to Stephanie creating Slope Sistair Freeride Invitational – the first women’s competition of its kind.

While finishing her Chiropractic Doctorate in Portland, Oregon she became the first (and only) woman to compete in the Crankworx slopestyle event before challenging her skills and fortitude by competing in the Jeep Series Dual Slalom for a season.

Stephanie has assistant coached at Ray’s Women’s Weekend, Sugar Showdown, Sugoi Dirt Series, has just received her IMBA mtb coaching certification and currently provides private coaching sessions in her home city of Calgary, Alberta.

Stephanie has a 1 year old daughter, and is expecting again in early 2014!

A special thanks to the trail volunteers: Beriah, Kelly, Jack, & Lukas

Sweetlines Jump Jam

Sweetlines Jump Jam was a blast, the sky held back the rain, and the women flew down the trails!

Pro rider Tammy Donahugh hitting Semper Dirticus trail after the morning coaching session. More of the excitement from the event – posted on the video page!

Tammy Donahugh Photo

Tammy Donahugh - Catching air in the "Sweetlines Jump Jam!" 2011