Looking for a hall pass to get out and ride? Drop your kiddos off with us and go get some shred time! We’ll ride the pump track, play bike games and have tons of fun while building skills! If it rains we will definitely splash in the puddles and get a muddy as possible! All style of bikes are welcome, just no training wheels.

  • Dates: Saturdays: May 16, 23, 30, June 13, 20 – REGISTRATION
  • Time: 10am-12pm
  • Ages: 5-8
  • Location: Duthie Hill Park (meeting in the clearing inside the park)
  • Cost: $25 / $15 for additional kids / $135 for all 6 sessions
  • Riders must be able to ride on two wheels
  • Bikes: mountain bikes, bmx, or kids style bikes all work
  • Coaches rotate: Kat, Meg, and Anthony



Dirt Shredders Camp Video Link

“From a parents’ perspective, it is beyond the bike and skills. The connections to you, your coaches and other campers is worlds apart from what other camps could ever think of accomplishing let alone the overall culture you promote. Kids leave the camp with other kids to ride with and friendships as well as ability to meet older riders (coaches and mentors) that promote the culture. You truly build a biking community and network for these kids.” -Tim Leib

2015 Dates:

NEW for 2015:

-Dirt Shredders Freeride Camp

GERKS is offering 15% off G-Form protective gear for Sweetlines students!

-All campers will get Sweetlines t-shirts!

All camps include:

  • Professionally trained coaches – IMBA ICP Certified or equivalent
  • Sweetlines t-shirt
  • Trail building time (older kids only)
  • Clif Bar snacks











Jr Freeride Video Link – filmed at Duthie for our New Zealand camps!


Are you gravity motivated? Have you been to Dirt Camp and are ready to focus on more advanced riding? Come shred with us! We will work on jumps, drops, wood features, and freeride focused skills. Plus some trail work to keep our park ready to shred!

  • Freeride Camp 1: July 13-17 – REGISTRATION LINK
  • Freeride Camp 2: Aug 3-7 – REGISTRATION LINK
  • Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm
  • Ages: 9-16 years
  • Location: Duthie Hill Park, Issaquah
  • Cost: $410 + $20.60 Bike Reg service fee (includes Sweetlines t-shirt)
  • Format: This is a freeride training program focused on learning more advanced skills including jumping, drops, wall rides, wheel lifts, skinnies, and cornering, and tricks (for advanced students).
  • Trails will include Voodoo Child, Jubilane, Gravy Train, Double Trouble, HLC, Semper Dirticus, the Trick Step Up, depending on what students are ready for.
  • We will break into 3-4 riding groups based on ability level.
  • Qualifications: must have been through a Sweetlines program, or have been in the advanced group at Dirt Camp and already comfortably riding Voodoo Child.



Ride like a girl and be proud! This camp is about building skills and confidence on and off the bike. We will work on technique, ride trails, do some trail work, make inner tube art and jewelry out of recycled tubes, and learn to fix flat tires. Plus each day we will have talks about girlhood, how girls are marketed to, women in sports, and various topics the girls get to choose.

  • Dates: July 20-24
  • Time: 10:00am-4:00pm
  • Ages: 9-14 years
  • Location: Duthie Hill Park, Issaquah
  • Cost: $410 + $20.60 Bike Reg service fee (includes Sweetlines t-shirt)
  • Format: This is program focuses on learning all kinds of skills including; the basics of body position and braking, uphill and downhill, roll downs. skinny bridges, wheel lifts, pump track, cornering, and for more advanced students jumps and drops
  • Trails will vary depending on students ability levels, including with Boot Camp, Deuces Wild, Step It Up, Moving On, Jubilane, Voodoo, Luna Line, etc
  • Levels: All levels of riders are welcome! We will break into 3 riding groups based on ability level.



“The ‘Shredder’s camp has invigorated the mountain biking bug in this family” – Erik

Dirt shredders will explore the trails in search of lost treasure, learn basic bike handling skills like the “jammin salmon,” the rules of the trail, do wheel lifts over rubber chickens, tons of laps on the pump track, and style the slalom course. We will play bike games, make bike art, and of course refuel with lots of snack breaks thanks to Clif Bar. Our pro coaches will even do a jump show for the kids. Kids will be placed into 3-4 groups based on ability level.

  • Time: 10:00am-3:30pm
  • Ages: 6-8 years (no one under 6 please)
  • Location: Duthie Hill Park, Issaquah
  • Cost: $325 (includes Sweetlines t-shirt)
  • Dirt shredders must be able to ride on two wheels
  • Bring mountain bike (bmx or kids style bikes are ok), helmet and lunch in a backpack (see full list below)
  • Session number is not related to level of rider. Each camp breaks into separate groups based on rider levels.

Dirt Shredders Freeride Camp is for advanced, freeride focused kids who have already been to Dirt Shredders previously and were in the advanced group. Must be ready to jump! Kids must be 6-9 years old for this camp!



Take your mountain slaying skills to the next level with this gravity focused training day. Great for Cat 3- Cat 2 racers or students interested in racing.

  • Date: Saturday, July 25
  • Time: 10am-4pm
  • Ages: 11-14
  • Location: Stevens Pass Bike Park
  • Cost:$150 – Class & Lift Ticket / $125 – Class Only
  • Max: 10 students (1:5 ratio, coaches to students)
  • Levels: intermediate to advanced riders, Cat 2 – Cat 3 DH racers, riders new to downhill are welcome
  • Skills:  downhill riding and racing techniques, cornering, steeps, jumps, line selection, and on-trail tech training



  • NW Cup , Stevens Pass – Saturday, August 1 & 2
  • Cost: $99
  • Format: includes coaching, a tent to hang out in, walking the line to scout the trail and learn the most efficient route, and doing a practice run together
  • Prerequisite: Must have been through a Sweetlines program and be ready to ride technical steep trails
  • Gear:
    • Bike: downhill, freeride, or enduro bike
    • Helmet: full face
    • Neck brace (strongly recommended)
    • Knee/shin pads, elbow pads or body armor – demo G-Forms available
    • Flat Pedals – demo Deity pedals available
    • Flat Bottom Shoes – demo Five Ten’s available


Safety comes first!

  • All coaches are professionally trained, some certified by ICP (IMBA) or equivalent
  • All coaches are certified in First Aid and CPR
  • All coaches are background checked
  • Sweetlines has a “challenge by choice” policy
  • Kat Sweet has been running kids programs since 2003



Andrew Jansma “Yansma”

  • Years Riding Mountain Bikes: 5
  • Years Coaching: 1
  • Certifications: First Aid, CPR
  • Comp results: 6th in cat 2 at Becon (crashed)
  • Favorite Trails: Whistler, Black Diamond, Beacon, Softies, Valmont, Duthie (ghy, slope trail, big tree)
  • Favorite Tricks: whip, table, 360, no footed can, nac, tuck no hander, nothing, toboggan
  • Favorite Theme Song: Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones

Anthony Marsicano

  • Years Riding Mountain Bikes: 6 Years
  • Years Coaching: 1st year coaching mountain biking
  • Teaching Experience: 2 years teaching experience at the Summit of Snoqualmie
  • Favorite Part of Teaching: Changing someone’s life by helping them progress in something I love to do.
  • Certifications: will be IMBA ICP Level 2 and will be CPR certified
  • Comp Results: 4th place overall in 2014 NW Cup CAT 2 Men 19-29
  • Favorite Trails: Schleyer in Whistler Bike Park and Tres Hombres
  • Favorite Tricks: Moto whip, Manual, one-handed helmet grab
  • Favorite Quote: “The only person you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday”
  • Theme Song: Good Feeling – Flo Rida
  • Role Model and Why? Troy Brosnan – He is 22 years old and races world cup. I look at him and say I can be where he is now when I’m 22.

Kat Sweet Bio Link



The Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance is running Dirt Camp, for beginner to intermediate riders ages 9-14.



  • Waiver
  • Lunch
  • Water (electrolyte drink recommended too)
  • Inhaler: if they have asthma


  • Mountain Bike (or kids style bike for Dirt Shredders)
    • in good working order
    • hand brakes are strongly recommended
    • no training wheels
  • Helmet
    • Must be a CPSC certified bike helmet
    • Full face helmet is strongly recommended for Freeride Camp
  • Flat Pedals: no clipless pedals please
  • Closed-toed shoes, flat soled shoes
    • Five Ten or skate style work better than running shoes
  • Knee and elbow pads
    • we have some G-Forms to borrow
    • get 15% off on G-Forms at Gerks
  • Gloves
  • Backpack: to carry all of your loot up to the clearing


  • The new Duthie parking lot
  • 26400 SE Issaquah-Fall City Rd, Issaquah, WA 98029
  • Map link here!



As long as you cancel 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the camp start date, you will be refunded the full amount minus a $25 processing fee. No refunds for cancelling within a week of the camp start date unless you have a doctor’s letter.

Camp happens rain or shine but we will cancel if there is thunder and lightening.










________________________________________________________ PARTIES!

Sweetlines is available for birthday parties and group events. We’ll teach the basics of mountain biking safely while having fun and playing games. Plus we can do a jump show for the kids. Kids must bring their own bike, helmet and riding gear.

  • Time: 2 hours
  • Ages: all ages welcome
  • Max: 12 students
  • Cost: $275
  • Location: Duthie, Saint Edward State Park, or anywhere with fun trails



  • $155 for 2 hours for up to 2 people (kid pricing)
  • $425 for a 3 Pack of Private Lessons (6 hours of coaching)                                  Choose 2 skills per lesson: jumps, drops, cornering (high speed, switchbacks, berms,  wall rides), skinnies, wheel lifts, steeps



  • 2 hours
  • 3-6 people – $75/person
  • 7-12 people – $65/person
  • 3 hours
  • 3-6 people – $85/person
  • 7-12 people – $75/person



Send your little ones to Sweetlines to learn how to ride a bike for the first time! We have a great method for learning balance and gaining confidence to spin those wheels!

  • $65 for one hour


HIGH SCHOOL MTB LEAGUE (non-profit rate)

Group lessons are available at a discount for high school or middle school mountain bike league teams. We will cover body position, braking, high speed cornering, climbing and descending, plus optional skills like roll downs, switchbacks, wheel lifts, etc.

3 hour skills class

  • $295 (or $40 per student)
  • up to 15 students
  • $10 for additional students
  • Plus travel expenses

2 hour skills class

  • $250 ($35 per student)
  • up to 15 students
  • $10 for additional students
  • Plus travel expenses