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Kat & Anita, photo by Paris Gore



Traveling skills training program in partnership with shops and bike clubs

Sweetlines Shred Session is a great way to take your mountain slaying skills to the next level! This 2-day mountain bike class is perfect for new and experienced mountain bikers interested in building confidence by turning fear into fun on the trail through experiential-based learning.

Sweetlines head coach Kat Sweet will take attendees through a variety of skills training, including:

High speed cornering, switchbacks, climbing & descending, several styles of wheel lifts, roll downs, drops, body position, and on-trail technical training.

Additional skills may include: skinnies (bridges), pumping, berms, jumping (depending on the riders ability levels and the terrain)


  • Fri, 7-9pm: Meet-and-greet at (host location). Meet the coach and get your bike checked by a mechanic to ensure proper set-up
  • Sat & Sun, 9am – 4pm: Skill drills and on-trail training

Class cost: $279.00 ($100 goes back to the local bike club to support community)

Max: 6-12 students (1 to 6 ratio of coaches to students)

Options: Co-ed or ladies only

(pic by Meg Valliant)

(pic by Meg Valliant)

Sweetlines Shred Sessions Location and Date Availability:

  • January – AZ
  • Feb, Mar, April – CA (Santa Cruz, Marin, Bay Area)
  • May, June – WA

Upcoming Sessions:

  • Feb – Chico
  • Mar 21-22 – Los Angeles (GGR)
  • May 30-31 – Alsea Falls, OR


SWEET SHOTS – freeride focused

This skill focused session builds confidence while pushing personal boundaries in a supportive and fun environment. Each week we will break down various skills then apply it to the trail. This program is freeride focused.

  • Sweet Shots 1 – TBA
  • Sweet Shots 2 – TBA
  • Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
  • Location: Duthie Hill Park
  • Meet: in the clearing inside of the park
  • Levels: FR L1 – FR L4
  • Skills: Jumps, Drops, Cornering, and Skinnies
  • Trails: Ryan’s, 2Hi (Jubilane) and VooDoo Child, Rehab, Pump Track
  • Cost: $90 for 2 days ($50 per day)

Sweet Shots 1: (FR L1-FR L3)

  • July 17 – Cornering, Wheel Lifts, Jumps(Luna Jumps, Voodoo Jumps)
  • July 24: Drops 1, Manuals (Clearing Drops, Luna Drops)

Sweet Shots 2: (FR L3-FR L4)

  • July 31: Drops 2 (warm up Clearing Drops, 3 Little Pigs on Voodoo, Ryan’s drops)
  • Aug 7: Jumps 2 (warm up Lunas, Voodoo, top of Gravy Train and maybe farther)


SWEET RIDE – train riding focused

  • Session 1:
  • Session 2:
  • Time: 10am-11:30am
  • Location: Duthie Hill Park
  • Meet: in the clearing inside of the park
  • Max: 8 students
  • Levels: CC L1 – CC L2 (Cross Country)
  • Cost: $160
  • Format: This program is cross country focused and geared towards newer riders. We’ll start each session with 40 minutes of skills drills then hit the trails to work on applying skills to the trails.
  • Sessions can be taken in any order
  • Trails: Boot Camp, Movin’ On, Step It Up

Session 1 Skills:

  • Week 1: balance and stance, stopping, climbing and descending
  • Week 2: high speed cornering
  • Week 3: wheel lifts 1
  • Week 4: roll downs & apply it to the trail

Session 2 Skills:

  • Week 1: balance and stance
  • Week 2: wheel lifts 2
  • Week 3: tight turns and switchbacks
  • Week 4: roll downs and skinny bridges


__________________________________________________________ CLASS DETAILS: Parking: the main lot fills up quick so expect to park at Cascade Ridge Elementary School and ride over to the main lot. It’s a 15-20 minute ride up to the clearing.      Cascade Ridge Elementary School 2020 Trossachs Boulevard Southeast Sammamish, WA 98075      Main Parking Lot Duthie Hill Lodge: 27101 SE Duthie Hill Road Issaquah, WA 98029 Bring:

  • bike – in good working order
  • helmet – full face or half shell
  • gloves – full finger recommended
  • flat pedals
  • skate or Five Ten style shoes
  • shin/knee guards (I have extra you can borrow)
  • elbow pads
  • H2O ,and a snack

________________________________________________________________ PRIVATE LESSONS (Ladies or Co-Ed)

  • $175 for 2 hours for up to 2 people
  • $450 for a 3 Pack of Private Lessons (6 hours of coaching)                                  Choose 2 skills per lesson: jumps, drops, cornering (high speed, switchbacks, berms, wall rides), skinnies, wheel lifts, steeps
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GROUP SESSIONS (Ladies or Co-Ed)

  • 2 hours
  • 4-6 people – $75/person
  • 7-12 people – $65/person
  • 3 hours
  • 4-6 people – $85/person
  • 7-12 people – $75/person
  • Sweetlines Shred Sessions
  • Take your mountain slaying skills to the next level! This class is perfect for building confidence by turning fear into fun on the trail! We’ll build a class based on the level of rider you want to focus on and the trail features available to us. Great for bike clubs, bike shops, and friends.
  • All Day (5 hours)
  • 5-12 people – $95/person
  • Skills Menu: cornering (high speed, switchbacks, berms, wall rides), skinny bridges, wheel lifts to get over stuff, steeps, pump track, jumps, drops, on-trail tech training


TRAVEL (Fly me out to teach your group!)

  • Airfare + Housing
  • $350 – Half Day, 3 hour class
  • $500 – Full Day, 5 hour class
  • Up to 8 students
  • $25 per additional student



  • Email Kat to check for availability

________________________________________________________________ TRAIL OPTIONS

WA: Duthie HillColonnade, Black Diamond-Summit Ridge Park

CA: China Camp, San Rafael, your local trails

________________________________________________________________ RIDER LEVELS Cross Country Level 1 (CC L1)

  • New to riding mountain bikes, 6 months or less
  • Trails: Not sure, maybe Boot Camp at Duthie, Saint Edward State Park

Cross Country Level 2 (CC L2)

  • Been riding for 6 months or more
  • Interested in improving basic skills
  • Trails: Boot Camp, Movin On, Step It Up, Saint Edward State Park

Freeride Level 1 (FR L1)

  • Riding: minimum of 1 year
  • Trails:
    • Saint Edward State Park, Tolt McDonald, Tape Worm
    • Duthie: Movin On, Step It Up, Ryan’s Eternal Flow but going around most features

  Freeride Level 2  (FR L2)

  • Riding: minimum of 2 years
  • Trails:
    • Tokul West
    • Whistler: B-Line, Crank It Up, Heart of Darkness
    • Duthie: Boot Camp, Ryan’s Eternal Flow (hitting some of the features), Voodoo Child
  • Skills: some experience riding skinnies and technical trails, (drops: can do 1-2 ft)
  • Racer Category: Downhill Cat 2-3

Freeride Level 3 (FR L3)

  • Riding: minimum of 3 years
  • Trails:
    • Tokul East: Flowtron, Exit Trail, Last Frontier
    • Duthie: Ryan’s Eternal Flow, 2 Hi, Gerks, starting Gravy Train, HLC & Semper Dirticus
    • Whistler: Ho Chi Min, A-Line, B-Line, Crank It Up, Heart of Darkness
  • Skills: lots of experience riding technical trails, can do small drops (2-3 ft easily), 4-8’ table tops
  • Racer Category: Downhill Cat 1-2

Freeride Level 4  (FR L4)

  • Riding: 4+ years
  • Trails:
    • Duthie: 2 Hi, Gravy Train, HLC, starting Semper Diritcus
    • Whistler: Dirt Merchant, A-Line, Schlayer
    • Tokul East: Crazy Ivan
  • Skills: can do 4-6’ drops, 8-10’ table tops
  • Racer Category: Downhill Cat 1 or upper Cat 2

__________________________________________________________ FORMS

Email Request to Sign Up for Classes