Julia Lofqvist Traum

aka Shredulia


Name: Julia Lofqvist Traum

A.K.A: Shredulia

Mountain Biking Since: 2012

Favorite Trail Style: Downhill! But I also love jumps, so a little bit of everything.

Awards/Certs/Achievements: 2nd USA National Championships ‘22 + ‘21, 2nd NW Cup overall Jr Ex ‘22 + ‘21, 2nd Crankworx Canadian Open ‘22, 2nd Crankworx Dual Slalom ‘22, 3rd Crankworx Aline Air DH ‘22, Declan Ervin Memorial Award 2021 

Favorite Part of Coaching: I love seeing how much kids can grow in just one week. From their bike skills to the relationships formed, it is so rewarding!