Kat Sweet

President, CEO, Sweetlines

  • IMBA, Instructor Trainer, 2014
  • Level 3 IMIC Certified Coach
  • Level 2 IMBA, ICP, 2010
  • Endless Biking, Level 1 Coach, 2009
  • United Bicycle Institution, Certified Mechanic, 2008
  • USA Cycling Coach, 2007
  • League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructor, 2007

Additional Experience

  • Over 20 years of mountain bike experience, competing at the local, state, and national level; training fitness, strength, and technical skills while pushing mental and physical limits.
  • Professional Mountain Bike Racer & Ski Competitor, 1990’s
  • Expert National Downhill Champion, 1998
  • TaeKwonDo: 2nd Red Belt, 2009

Karen O’Connell

  • High school math teacher
  • Teacher trainer
  • Pro downhill mountain bike racer
  • Raffle fanatic
  • Mom

Nickname: Drop Boss

Biggest Drop Hit: Girthmore Drop at Beacon Hill in Spokane (17′ tall)


  • From: Seattle, WA
  • Years Riding Mountain Bikes: 16
  • Years riding BMX: 31
  • Years Coaching: 3
  • Certifications: ICP Level 2

Comp Highlights:

  • 3rd Pro, Sugar Showdown Santa Cruz ’14
  • 1st Semi-Pro,  Sugar Showdown Duthie Hill ’13
  • 5th Pro, The Little Big at Truckee ’13
  • 1st Sea otter Dual Slalom ’11
  • # 3 plate , NBL, Cruiser Class 25-30, California ’07
  • 3rd 4x Nationals ’06


  • Favorite Trails: Flow trails, Duthie hill, Joauquin Miller park, Valmont, Alameda Skatepark
  • Favorite Tricks: Jammin Salmon!, Table top, Flow & style
  • Favorite Quote:  “…those mattresses are only going to cause you to wipeout.”
  • Theme Song:  I love TV theme songs, The Fall Guy, the Munsters, Ateam, greatest american hero, etc.  I always have the Rad soundtrack on my ipod
  • Role Model and Why?  How can you pick just one? each brings a new piece to the puzzle on the path that makes me who i am.

Heather Allen

  • Nicknames: Heather Feather, Heather-Nator
  • Years Riding Mountain Bikes: 5
  • Years Coaching: 3
  • Certifications: NREMT, CDL
  • Favorite Trails: Whole Enchilada, Bartlett Wash (and more in Moab), Post Canyon, Sandy Ridge, 27, Duthie Hill
  • Favorite Quote: “I don’t want salvation, I want life, all of life, the miserable as well as the superb.”
  • Theme Song: Wildcat by Ratatat
  • Role Model and Why? I have a lot of great people in my life, I’m lucky to have a lot of role models who share their wisdom, integrity, adventure, skills, fun, food, and love.

Teaching Experience:

  • 13 years of teaching experience
  • 7 years elementary school Extended Day program and classroom substitute
  • 1 year Outdoor Science School
  • 1 year Middle/High school Sexual Health Education
  • Favorite part of teaching: Empowering students and seeing excitement in their accomplishments

Elena Runyan

  • Nickname: Elle
  • Years Riding Mountain Bikes: 9
  • Years Coaching: 1 / Assistant Coaching: 3
  • Teaching Experience: I have been teaching at the preschool and LRC2 (special education) class at my high school for 2 years. I also have taken a year of teaching academy and interned at the Beaver Lake Middle School physical science class for a semester.
  • Favorite Part of Teaching: I love everything about teaching! My favorite part is seeing students succeed at something they were struggling at or scared to do before (with a little nudge from me 🙂 and watching how proud and happy they are afterward. Wether it is nailing a bike jump, solving a math problem, or putting a puzzle together, those smiles are what I live for.
  • Comp Results: 1st in state varsity girls cross country, national qualifier.  Gold in regionals and state at the FCCLA (family career and community leaders of America) leadership competition.
  • Favorite Trails: Brave heart (Duthie), Off the Grid (Tiger), Predator (Tiger), and Palisades.
  • Favorite Quote: “A simple act of kindness creates an endless ripple”
  • Role Model: Kat Sweet! She has overcame great adversity and does not let anything stop her from changing the world! I am going to make a huge difference someday too, and bikes are the best way to do just that!
  • I am excited to see you all on the trails this summer!


Lisa Sher


Lisa gets fired up helping people learn new skills and progress, so they can shred and have fun on the trails! Her background includes 11 years of racing mountain bikes professionally on the World Cup and National Series circuits and 10 years on the U.S. National Team.
Lisa has shared her sport-specific knowledge and healthy approach with developing athletes in her work as a youth ice hockey coach and as a BICP Level 3-certified mountain bike coach and instructor trainer, where she aims to set the global standard for mountain bike instruction.
Widespread experience leading design teams in global brand strategy and product development enables her to provide creative direction, content, and marketing expertise through her design shop, Fluxx Collective. Lisa also designed the Sweetlines Jr logo and the Sugar Showdown logo.
Currently she lives in Gunbarrel, CO where she loves riding trails, skiing, surfing, adventuring, and working on her two-wheel drifts.


Kris Christensen

Years Coaching: 5

Instructional Experience

  • BICP Level 1
  • PSIA Level 1 and Adaptive Level 1
  • Nationally renowned adaptive cycling and adaptive mountain bike coach
  • Disabled Sports USA trainer and presenter on adaptive cycling and mountain biking, risk management procedures, rural programing, and program generation
  • Adaptive recreation instruction in climbing, kayaking and skiing

Additional Experience and Information

  • Pro DH and Enduro racer
  • 5th Cat 1 25-29 USAC Nationals, Mammoth Mountain 2015
  • 3rd place overall NW Cup 2015, Cat 1 19-29
  • Years racing: 10
  • Years riding: 16
  • Aspiring dog owner


  • Favorite Riding Areas: Whistler, Squamish, Ski Bowl, Bend
  • Favorite Tricks: going fast
  • Favorite Quote: “I woke up like this” Beyonce
  • Theme Song: anything from the Top Gun soundtrack or “Loud Places” Jamie xx
  • Role Model: My badass 89-year old grandma Doris

Alice Malhan

  • From: Seattle, Washington
  • Years Riding Mountain Bikes: 2
  • Years Racing: 1
  • Years Coaching:1
  • Certifications: Kat approved
  • Comp Highlights: First year racing
  • Favorite Trails: Lower Ivan
  • BA from UW in Sociology
  • 5 years of experience working in bike shops as a sales associate and administrative assistant
  • 6 years of experience working with kids programs


Lauren Patterson

  • From: CO but living in Seattle, WA now!
  • Years Riding Mountain Bikes: 8 years
  • Years Coaching: 4 years
  • Certifications: IDP gravity/freeride instructor
  • Comp Results:
  • 7th Dixie Trix – Pro
  • 4th Little Big Ridestyle – Pro
  • Favorite Trails: Burlington Indoor, Duthie Hill MTB Park
  • Favorite Tricks: back flips and Indian Airs – I’m working on both, but I still need a lot of practice
  • Favorite Quote: “Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Bill Gates, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.”  – Unknown
  • Theme song: I lived, One republic
  • Role model: My good friend Theron Tate. He is not only an awesome rider, but an awesome friend as well. He works passionately toward his goals and never gives up. Always smiling, he has a fantastic outlook on life and shares that positive energy with everyone he meets. He inspires me to work hard towards my goals and be grateful for everything that I have. His focus and determination are a force that stays with me and challenges me to be the best me that I can be.