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Sweetlines Coach Job Description

Sweetlines is hiring MTB coaches! Are you great with kids? Do you love mountain biking and value our bike community? Apply to be part of our passionate and committed team and share your experience with future generations of shredders! Currently seeking coaches for our Spring Semester Programs, Summer Camps, and racing teams. Details are listed below.

Job Description:

General description: As a Sweetlines coach, you will teach bike skills and guide trail rides and features at Duthie Hill Bike Park. You will coach small groups of campers through practice, games and fun rides. You will be a key part of learners’ successes by teaching practical knowledge and encouraging safe steps for progress. You will also explore new trails, discuss trail etiquette, and prepare them for basic mishaps. Coaches are required to have First Aid and CPR certification and basic mountain bike skills. We will offer multiple paid training dates for our Sweetlines curriculum which you will need to complete before you start coaching. 

Semesters: These camps are after-school and weekend programs, 1-2 times a week, for 2-3 hours. Coaches teach some skills but most of the time is spent on trail rides. Days of the week can be discussed based on coach availability.

Spring programs start mid-March and run through May with the possibility of adding Summer dates.

Fall programs start in September and run through October.

Summer Camps: These camps run Monday to Friday, between 9am-4:30pm. They go from mid June to the end of August  generally around school schedules. Coaches will go through our tiered levels training and begin in our Dirt Shredders Camp and/or Shred Camp Level 1-2. If interested, you can proceed to explore coaching our other camps and levels. We prefer a commitment for most of the summer, and depending on the time of your request, we can offer up to two weeks off. Individual camp details are listed below.

*Guest Coaching* – Are you short on time in the summer? Or are you from out of town? Maybe you have unique experiences, qualifications or special bike skills you still want to share. If you cannot commit to more than a week or two in the summer we would love to discuss a good fit! 

Dirt Shredders: Ages 6-9, levels 1-6 (beginner to advanced), skills, games, fun. You will be managing and teaching young campers throughout the day. You are patient, flexible and love having fun in the woods whether on bikes or building forts. You know when to teach and play games, and you know when the shredders need a break. Communication between you and your campers is concise, and kid friendly. 

Shred Camp: Ages 10-14, levels 1-5, skills, games, fun. You enjoy working with Tweens and love getting out on those trails. Coaches will be willing and able to spend most of the day riding and teaching skills but will also be flexible and have fun with a range of levels. 

Gravity Academy: Ages 10-16 & 13-18, levels 6-8, jump skills development. This camp requires you to be an advanced rider specialized in jumping. You will help elevate advanced campers to the next level of their riding, jumping, and trick evolution. No dig no ride, some time will be spent buttering up the trails.

Gravity Girls: Ages 10-14, levels 2-5, skills, gender equity and girl power. Ride like a girl and be proud! This camp is about building skills and confidence on and off the bike. Coaches teach technique, build jumping skills, ride trails, and do some trail work. Each day, coaches will guide the girls in conversations about girlhood, how girls are marketed to, women in sports, and various related topics. Must have the ability to sit for up to an hour in age-appropriate discussions. This camp is only offered twice in the summer, please check dates on the Sweetlines website.

Shred Society: Ages 10-15, levels 2-4, bike skills and social responsibility. We are looking for coaches who are compassionate and open-minded. As well as teaching bike skills and riding trails, coaches and special guest speakers will guide campers to have conversations on such topics as: gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation, and financial means. Must be able to sit for up to an hour having age-appropriate discussions. This camp is only offered once this summer, please check the dates!

Racing Teams: Must be available Tues and/or Wed 5pm-7pm; Sat and/or Sun 2pm-5pm. Our race program runs from Feb-Oct. These practices are conducted at a variety of trail systems. Our team levels range from Cat 3 to Elite. Coaches must have some downhill/enduro race experience or offer equivalent understanding of experience such as being immersed in the race community. Coaches will support our “Fast! Fun! Fierce!” motto by setting goals that build confidence and skill, create a positive and supportive community, promote stewardship, foster a healthy lifestyle, develop goal-setting skills, and encourage self-empowerment.



  • Must be 16 or older
  • Must be great at working with kids of all different backgrounds, good at teaching, a solid mountain biker, have basic bike maintenance knowledge, be a creative problem solver, have lots of patience, be safety conscious, and committed to having fun!
  • MTB certifications are not required, but we value coaches who have BICP or PMBIA certifications. Regardless of training, you must come through Sweetlines’ Coach Training for Youth Programs
  • If hired, First Aid and CPR certifications are mandatory
  • Proficient at mountain biking with a minimum of 2 years of riding experience
  • Previous teaching experience helpful 
  • These positions require the ability to ride mountain bikes 3-6 hrs/day (with lots of breaks), carrying a heavy pack. Accommodations can be made for an excellent candidate.
  • For Race Team coaches only: must have personal experience racing downhill and/or enduro


  • Pay starts at $19 per hour. Hourly increases available depending on experience.

About Us:

At Sweetlines, our vision is to help shape generations of awesome human beings. We are committed to building a passionate, inclusive and diverse MTB community. Our programs build skills, unlock potential and teach social betterment and environmental stewardship.

Sweetlines is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides every applicant and employee with equal opportunity regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, age, or any other characteristic that makes you who you are. We encourage people – especially those from BIPOC and/or marginalized groups – to apply to join our team and get kids stoked on mountain biking! 



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