The Sweetlines Jr. Racing Girls Are Rad

Two years ago Nyla Stevens (A-Nyla-Lator) and her dad came to me with the idea of expanding beyond coaching programs and taking the next step of promoting girls gravity riding, and so Sweetlines Junior Racing was born. We now have 14 girls ages 8 to 16 racing downhill, enduro, jumping bikes and spreading the love of shred.

The girls did amazingly at the NW Cup series races with 26 podiums, 5 enduro podiums at CDC and Sturdy Dirty, 6 Sugar Showdown podiums with 2 competing with the Pro women, as well as bringing in 5 podiums at Crankworx, Kidsworx in Whistler.

The past two years have been full of progression, laughter, a few tears, and mostly the love of riding.

“Being part of this team has taught me to break through stereotypes like that girls are delicate.”
-Syd-Viscous, age 14

“Through SJR I have learned how to handle hard things. At one of my races I thought the course looked too hard but I overcame my fear, and at the end of the race I went back for more laps.”
-Slay-Air-Ah, age 9

We also have a big sisters program, partnering each girl with local Pro riders to have as a mentor for the season.

Molly Pop, age 8, says, “my big sister has helped me learn it is about more than winning. It is about doing your best and constantly improving.” Her big sister is pro rider Kaytlin Melvin, who also came up through Sweetlines programs.

I founded Sweetlines 5 years ago, focused on creating community, building confidence, and promoting stewardship for women and kids via mountain biking programs. We want to empower our athletes to rise to their full potential and to promote this exciting, growing sport. We can’t wait to see what the new year will bring, and we’re super excited for the future of women’s riding. – Kat Sweet


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Sweetlines Junior Racing is an all-girls mountain bike development team committed to progressing gravity focused racing for girls of the next generation. Sweetlines Junior Racing objectives are skill development and self-empowerment through training, racing, mentoring, trail building, goal setting and healthy living.

Program Description

Already changing the current face of downhill racing, this ground-breaking team is made up of girls, ages 8-18. The girls train and compete throughout the Pacific Northwest under the guidance of female mentors and professional coaches. While centered around competition, Sweetlines Junior Racing focuses on creating a positive and supportive community. This serves as the foundation for the girls to grow personally and advance in the sport.

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+Build confidence and skill

+Create a positive and supportive community

+Promote stewardship

+Foster a healthy lifestyle

+Gain goal-setting skills

+Encourage self-empowerment


  1. “Syd-Vicious” – Sydney Haberman, age 17, JR Ex
  2. “A-Nyla-Lator” – Nyla Stevens, age 15, JR Ex
  3. “Shredulia” aka “Shred“– Julia Lofqvist Traum, age 14, Jr Ex / PRO Jumper
  4. “Steezy-E” – Emma Artz, age 16, Jr Ex
  5. “Elle-Oh-Elle” – Coach Elle Runyan, age 20, PRO


  1. “Drama Llama” – Riley Amsbry, age 15, Cat 2
  2. “Slay-Air-Ah” aka “Slay“– Sierra Semsak, age 12, Jr Ex
  3. “Tilly Tornado” – Matilda Melton, Cat 2
  4. “Jetta Shredda” – Jetta Potter, age 11, Cat 2
  5. “Rippin’ Riley” – Riley Hudson,  age 12, Cat 2
  6. “Gnarly Nory” – Nory Klein, age 10, Cat 2
  7. MoJo” – Josephine Aubin, age 11, Cat 2
  8. “Kiki Torch” – Caitlin Edison, age 12, Cat 2
  9. “Flowy Chloe” – Chloe Bear, age 12, Cat 2
  10. “Lily Rad” – Lily Artz, age 10, Cat 3
  11. “Orange Crusher” – Clementine McGee, age 8, Cat 3
  12. “The Comet” – Haley Angel, age 12, Cat 3
  13. “Debstroyer” – Deb Gallagnar, age 9, Cat 3
  14. “Leahnimal’ – Leah Macartney, age 10, Cat 3
  15. “Josie the Riveter” – Josie Macartney, age 7, Cat 3





  • “Coach Kat-Scratch” – Kat Sweet: Pro Jumper, former Pro DH racer, IMBA Level 3 ICP Coach
  • “Kris Kross” – Kris Christensen: Pro DH racer, IMBA Level 1 ICP
  • “Elle-O-Elle” – Elle Runyan, Pro DH racer, Sweetlines Coach


  • NW Cups – April through September
  • Evergreen MTB Fest – June: booth, girls ride, jump show, pump track timed runs
  • Sugar Showdown – July: class & comp
  • Nationals – July
  • Crankworx – August: comp
  • Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day – October: booth, pump track timed runs, girls ride, jump show
  • Trail Building – winter / spring



Email Sweetlines Jr Racing Team (