Karen O’Connell

aka Drop Boss


Name: Karen O’Connell

A.K.A: Drop Boss

Mountain Biking Since: 1997

Coaching Since: 2008

Favorite Trail Style: New! I am all about new trails! Dropping into the unknown, having to read and run, and having an adrenaline spike about what’s around every corner just puts a massive smile on my face. Of course, new usually means loamy with lots of line potential. Add in steep with good sightlines and you’ve found my new love.

BA in Sociology with a focus in Education (Stanford, 1995)
Single Subject Teaching Credential, Mathematics, Professional Clear (UC Berkeley 2001)
NW Cup Series Champ, Pro Women, 2012
IMBA Certified Level 1 and 2 skills coach I’ve finished every one of the 47 races I’ve started.

Favorite Part of Coaching: Sharing stoke, and the instant community mutual stoke can create. Mountain biking can be thought of as an individual sport, with each rider on his or her own down a trail. What a waste that is! I love the camaraderie of looking at features and hearing other perspectives, showing and learning different techniques, the leapfrog of me being excited for you and you being excited for me, and the outpouring of emotion when something is accomplished. Coaching makes both student and teacher better.