Kat Sweet

aka Kat Skratch


Name: Kat Sweet

A.K.A: Kat Scratch

Mountain biking since: 1987

Coaching since: 2003

Favorite Trail Style: Jumping, downhill, riding or pushing up to ride something steep and gnarly!

BA in IAS, Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior from University of WA
Level 3 BICP
Former Instructor Trainer for IMBA’s ICP, 3 years
Excellence Award from UW, 2020
X-Games Skiercross 1999 & 2000
Crankworx top 5 AM, 2010 & 2011

Favorite Part of Coaching: Building up our students to become mentors, assistant coaches, and coaches. Empowering my crew to lead. Growing our community to be stewards of shred who are confident, conscious, and giving back!