Registration: We did early registration for returning students, so if the program you want is sold out, please join the waitlist. We are adding 3 weeks at Saint Edward State Park for Levels 1-2, stay tuned for that!

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Levels 1-5 (Beginner to Advanced skill development)

Levels 6-8 (Advanced to Expert skill development)

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Dirt Shredders 6-9 1-5 Skills, games, fun
Shred Camp 10-14 1-5 Skills, games, fun
Gravity Girls 10-14 2-5 Skills, girl power, gender equity
Shred Society 10-16 2-4 Skills, social responsibility
Gravity Academy 10-16 & 13-18 6-8 Jump skills development
Grom Academy 8-10 6-8 Jump skills development

Please ensure that riding ability fits at least 80-90% of the category description of the level desired.



Ages: 6-9
Levels: 1-5
Time: 10am-3:30pm

Five full days of fun awaits you at Sweetlines Dirt Shredders camp! At Duthie Hill, professional coaches will lead groups on trail rides and teach beginner to advanced riding skills. The focus of the camp will be on mountain bikes, but options like group games and free time to play in the woods will be available. Shredders will have plenty of opportunity to become a better rider, learn about bikes and the outdoors, make friends, and grow as individuals.

Ages: 10-14
Levels: 2-5
Time: 9:30am-4pm

Ride like a girl and be proud! This camp is about building skills and confidence on and off the bike. We will work on technique, build jumping skills, ride trails, and do some trail work. Each day, coaches will guide the girls in conversations about girlhood, how girls are marketed to, women in sports, and various topics.

Ages: 10-14
Levels: 1-5
Time: 9:30am-4pm

This camp is for riders 10 and older and will focus on beginner to intermediate trail riding and jumping skills. Descending, cornering, basic jumping, drops, climbing, and other riding skills will be taught by our expert coaches. Trail riding, skill lessons, bike games, and adventure are all sure things at Shred Academy. Come out to learn and grow on and off the bike! We renamed Shred Academy to Shred Camp.

Ages: 10-16
Levels: 2-4
Time: 9:30am-4pm

In this social justice camp we will shred bikes, of course, but let’s also shred some social norms! Coaches and special guest speakers will guide campers to have conversation about society, social media, the messages we get about masculinity and femininity, race in the outdoors, and the labels we are given. How does this impact all of us? What can we do to make a better world for our youth? How can we better understand one another? How can we commit to being anti-racist? Through mountain biking, we will create conversations that bring people together in this community of shred! Build empowered teens who are confident, respectful, and inclusive of all genders, race, ethnicity, national origin, range of abilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, and financial means. Our community theme is: Educate, Empathize and Enhance.


Ages: 10-16 & 13-18
Levels: 6-8
Time: 9:30am-4pm

Want to take the skills you already have to the next level? Gravity Academy is an intermediate to advanced camp led by professional coaches that have the knowledge to elevate your riding to new heights. The camp will focus on jumps, drops, cornering, descending, and other crucial skills for freeriding. We will also do some trail work to keep the tails running great! Our coaches understand that jumps can be intimidating; don’t fret, we strive to create an inclusive, supportive, and safe environment so that everyone feels welcome and ready to learn.

Ages: 8-10
Levels: 6-8
Time: 9:45am-4pm

Five full days of fun awaits you at Sweetlines Dirt Shredders Grom Academy! At Duthie Hill, professional coaches will help groms progress on advanced jump trails, learn tricks, and grow their technical skills. This camp is for advanced jumpers who want to secure their status as a “grom” (noun: a sick, talented young phenom in the sport of mountain biking). Sweetlines groms will have the opportunity to become even more advanced riders while growing as members of the cycling community.

Please ensure that riding ability fits at least 80-90% of the category description of the level desired.